Florida Allied Dental Educators


Active membership may be granted to any full-time, adjunct, part-time or administrative educator employed by any Florida Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, or Dental Laboratory Technology program who will promote the objectives of this Association.  

Dues for all membership categories are $30 and are payable to the Association
Treasurer prior to January 1 for each membership year.  FADE is now accepting membership applications and renewals for 2017..

email:  info@fadeedu.org


The Florida Allied Dental Educators Higher Education Scholarship Award recognizes and honors outstanding members from each Membership Section of the organization pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree. There shall be award recipients selected from both the Dental Hygiene Section and the Dental Assisting/Dental Laboratory Technology Section of FADE during each award year based upon the eligibility status of the applicants and a fully submitted, qualifying application.  

New in 2017:  FADE members can also apply for a scholarship award recognizing scholarly excellence in for professional development activities.  Stay tuned for the 2017 scholarship applications.